25 Best Family Reunion Themes For A Perfect Family Reunion 2019

25 Best Family Reunion Themes For A Perfect Family Reunion 2019

A Family reunion is always fun and exciting but you can enhance them with a theme just like adding some spice. A little creativity with the theme and little imagination food, games and invitations makes the reunion a memorable event.

Family Reunion Themes

The themes are inexpensive to implement and brings out your family’s creative side and make it more likely for family members to attend. It is good to be silly using a theme for any family gathering. Theme for a family reunion can become a topic of interest at the next family gathering and is talked about for years to come.


Family Reunion Themes 2019


Check out these quirky themes for your next family reunion:

  1. Circus

The theme can include bounce houses, tickets for events and each family member can perform a circus act. Also, circus food like popcorn, chips, cold drinks and cotton candy can be served.

  1. Football Fever

You can have everyone represent their favourite NFL, college or high school football themes. Food is usually eaten at the stadium can be served.

  1. Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Grand celebrations are planned for the 25th silver, 30th pearl, 40th ruby, 50th gold, 60th diamond. If the renewal of vows is planned, the colour usually corresponds with the theme like silver and gold.

  1. Disney Delights

Disneyland or Disney World have charmed the young and old members for many years. If planned at home they can all dress as their favourite Disney character while performing in a local park or in the backyard.

  1. Pirates

Do you have a gold-hungry, rum-drunk bunch of pirates? No, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend for a night or two. Enjoy sword fighting, a sea shanty sing-off and even a hunt for buried treasure.

  1. Karaoke Kin

Get your group to perform songs from a hat to perform for the rest of the family. Make sure to throw some fun contemporary songs in the mix like Beyonce ‘Single Ladies’.

  1. Birthday Blast

A reunion is mostly planned around a significant family member’s birthday usually for a patriarch or matriarch. Make sure to plan it around personal interest or hobbies of the celebrant.

  1. Fall Troll Festival

Certain places of the globe there are troll festivals in the fall. Using fall for the reunion will bring together all members with memories of Thanksgiving, Halloween. Trolls are also known for family gatherings.

  1. Back to our Roots/Family Tree

With the reunion theme, you can explore your heritage. Decorate the place with items from the country your family originated from and find stories of your ancestors.

  1. Carnival

Have fun activities in the backyard like Face painting, photo booth, bounce house, Dunkin booth. Paly some carnival games and have carnival food.

  1. Car Show

Do you have a family of auto mechanics and car lovers? Schedule your reunion around a car show. Help the kids carve cars out of cardboard boxes and participate in a race. Set up a car wash in the parking lot and let kids sell popcorn and hotdogs.

  1. Camping

You can incorporate a camping theme even if you are not sleeping on the ground. For kids sleeping in a tent is fun regardless of whether it is inside or outside. Roast marshmallows and build smores.

  1. Back To School

Choose Kindergarten as a theme let the kids make the invitations with crayons, hold a talent show and involve the family members with hat crafts and ABC family crafts.

  1. Olympic Reunion

Plan your activities, outfits, food and decorations around the summer Olympic festivities. It will be more exciting if your reunion coincides with the Olympics. Family can choose a country to represent, wear that nations colour and play games held in the Olympics.

  1. Glow In The Dark Party

Celebrate your reunion with glow sticks, glow in the dark game, dark lights and DIY glow in the dark baseball.

  1. Country Fair

Make everyone pretend like they are at a country fair. Conduct a dessert contest or pie eating contest. Ask the uncles to be judges and let the kids hand out blue ribbons. Have the babies participate in a baby race. Take turns riding horses. You can also consider making a petty zoo.

  1. When You Were 10

Family members represent the year that they were 10 years old. If you were 10 in the 1950s, dress like the people of that era, make it more interesting by bringing a food item or telling a story.

  1. Treasure Hunt

Include family related scavenger hunt clues or a list of mysterious items to bring. You can set them up in any family reunion location. Send treasure map as the invitation cards. Give out pirate eye patches and set up secret passwords, you can also play geocaching.

  1. Road Trip To The Family Roots

Held a reunion at an ancestral home, farm or property it offers many opportunities for learning about where your family originated and who your ancestors were, as well any important contributions your ancestors made in the country’s history.

  1. Bash It Like Babe

For baseball lovers, this is the perfect theme. Baseball themed reunion with everyone donning their favourite team’s jerseys and caps. Aside from a family game of baseball or softball, other baseball inspired games can be incorporated.

  1. Fiesta

Mexican food has become a part of mainstream culture. Authentic Mexican traditions and festivities such as fiesta are still a great source of creativity for reunions. Have everyone dressed in Mexican costumes and include Mexican games such as pinata or tortilla toss. Culminate the evening with Mexican dance.

  1. Hawaiian Luau

It is the perfect theme for the reunion held at poolside or at a beach resort. Serve island-inspired food like tropical fruits, pig roast and seafood. For clothing get Hawaiian shirts, grass skirt or other tropical clothing to enhance the theme. Hula dancing must be included.

  1. Arabian Nights

Middle Eastern culture is a source of great food and traditions. The heat is the perfect backdrop for a humid, dry place. Decorate the place with camels, sand dunes and pyramids. Scrolls can be sent out as invitations. Dishes like shawarma, kebabs, lamb dishes and other mid-eastern cuisines can be served.

Family members who miss this reunion are going to regret a lot. The theme will not only add excitement to the reunion but will make people remember it for many years to come.

Everyone will be going home with dozens of memories and will be awaited for the next reunion organized by you. All the hard work will pay off with the enormous number of compliments and smiles.



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