50+ Best Family Reunion Games 2019

50+ Best Family Reunion Games 2019

Planning a flawless family reunion can be time-consuming and stressful. Some people take pleasure in reuniting while others worry about interpersonal conflicts, the stress of forgetting names or hours of encompassing boredom.

Family Reunion Games

It is always a task to entertain everyone in your family. Some family get together games and a few structured events will make everyone feel at ease. Family get together is the highlight of summertime and simple and unique family reunion games in your hand make the day perfect and fun. It is the family reunion games which creates the memories and are remembered for years and years.

Here are some quirky games for a family reunion which will help you escape the boredom.


Family Reunion Indoor Games

  1. Balloon Stomp, blow some balloons up and tie to each other ankle. Then go around and try to pop everyone’s balloon, whoever has the last unpopped balloon is the winner.
  2. Ping Pong Toss, set the plastic cups quarterly filled with water in a formation. Write different value points on the front and have a competition to see who can bounce ping pong balls into the cup and get more points.
  3. Hot Potato Camera Game, get a camera which has a timer on it. Pass it around with each person holding it up at arm’s length as if they are going to take a selfie. Whoever is holding the camera when it actually takes the pic is out of the game.
  4. Watermelon Eating Contest, involves eating one of your favourite summer-time fruits. Eat whatever you want, you can go with favourites like pies and cupcakes too.
  5. Jigsaw Puzzle Race, choose puzzle depending on the age and skill level of the family. An activity which will keep you hooked for hours.
  6. Family Parade, try a family reunion banner, decorate bikes and have a blast showing your creative decorating skills to rest of the family.
  7. Cooking Contest, challenge each family member with a cook-off or an old-fashioned pie making. You will have yummy outcomes as well in the end.
  8. Telephone Game, get all the relatives lined up and ask the first person to whisper a family secret into the next person’s ear. The secret is repeated and passed along until the last person states what words actually reached them.
  9. Losing Your Marble, place two saucers 5 inches away from each other on a table. Put 6 marbles in each saucer, the objective is to move each of the marble from one saucer to another using only two plastic straws.
  10. Family Talent Show, ask each member to perform a talent in front of the group. Even ask the shy ones to showcase something or other.


Family Reunion Icebreaker Games

These games are meant to get the family let loose and open up to one another rather than everyone associating in cliques of people that they know most.

  1. Mystery Touch, place various items in several containers like paper bags or cardboard and let people feel inside and guess the contents. Look for items that vary in texture and contain an element of surprise.
  2. Baby Pictures, collect baby pictures beforehand from the family that will be there. Have people guess which pictures belong to whom. You can also provide current pictures to baby pictures or provide a list of names.
  3. Broom Dance, it is a variation of musical chairs played with the odd number of people and one broom. While the music plays everyone dances in pairs and when it stops everyone switches their partners. One person ends up having to dance with the broom during the next song.
  4. Two Truth and a Lie, everyone is asked to write three things about themselves on a piece of paper two true statements and one lie. Each person reads their own statement and everyone else tries to guess which one is false.
  5. Human Knot, everyone has to stand in a circle and hold hands with someone else in the circle. You can’t hold hands with person standing right beside you. Then without leaving hands everyone must climb, bend, twist and turn to untangle the circle.
  6. Jelly Bean Hunt, different coloured jelly beans are spread on the grass. A colour is assigned to each person or group and given a small bag to collect beans of that colour in it. See who can collect the most in limited time.
  7. Banana Game, all family members have to line up and tie a string around a banana and hang it from each player’s waist so it hovers just above the ground. Put a ball in front of each player and ask participants to use their hips to swing the banana so that it hits the ball. The first one whose ball crosses the finish line wins.


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Family Reunion Word Games

  1. Fact Bingo, everyone gets some time to fill out their Bingo card with things in boxes such as ‘dislike cabbage’, ‘plays video game’, saw ‘Avengers Endgame’. Then they will race to find people who fit the description until they get five in a row and call BINGO.
  2. Family Diary and Letter Reading, everyone takes a turn in reading inspirational or juicy passages of old family diaries and letters.
  3. Map Makers, in this you use a map as display items or table cloth and encourage family members to mark hometowns or where they were born and married.


Family Reunion Outdoor Games

  1. Egg and Spoon Race, race holding an egg in a spoon and see who finishes first, if you want to make it harder have an obstacle course in your way.
  2. Glow Lawn Bowling, fill some plastic bottles with water and food colouring and create your own mind bowling alley. You can add glow sticks and play it the dark.
  3. Fun Relay Games relays are perfect to make connections and fun memories. Everyone loves to get a little competitive seeing others winning.
  4. Bobbing For Donuts, tie participant’s hands behind their back and hang donuts on the string and see who can eat their donut fastest. For large groups, you can split people into different age groups.
  5. Obstacle Course, create a course with all kinds of challenges, use your creativity to come up with your own family challenges.
  6. Minute To Win It, play minute to win it challenges like snack toss and face the cookie. Get a little silly and play like a child to have fun and make the most of the day.
  7. Gencaching, a version of hide and seek treasure hunting and similar to geocaching whereby items are hidden and family members hunt for them.


DIY Family Reunion Games

  1. Family Bingo, instead of numbers make up cards identifying ancestors or a historical fact for a fun twist to a standard game.
  2. Picture Memory Game, make two copies of family photos and turn upside down and mix them up. Participants then take turns turning over the two cards that they think will match.
  3. What’s Missing, place 8-10 random items on the tray and let people look and memorize what’s there. Take the tray out in some time and remove 1-2 items from the tray. Present the remaining items to the group and let them figure out what’s missing.
  4. Charades, you can play with a traditional game set or come up with your own list of things to act. If you want to create the cards yourself have everyone in the group to write.
  5. Giant Jenga, take Jenga to a whole new level by building a giant Jenga using wooden blocks. The objective of the game is to remove one piece at a time and place it at the top of the tower.
  6. Gone Fishin, place a plastic toy in a pan and cover the toy. Then fill the pan with whipped cream and start the clock. Have each player use only their face to find the plastic toy.


Every game is so easy to coordinate and perfect to play for both kids and grown-ups. All you need is an enthusiastic family with sportsman spirit by your side.

It doesn’t matter who wins or loses everybody will be going with tons of memories to cherish forever. Games will be the highlight of the evening as promised to make everyone giggle and have a great time.



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