50+ Best Family Reunion Gift Ideas in 2019

50+ Best Family Reunion Gift Ideas in 2019

Family reunions are the best place to interact with your family members, share your experiences with them are creating memories that all the members will cherish for life. Family reunion gifts make these moments even special. Because these gifts are given with utmost affection and have a meaning to them. Reunion gifts bring your family closer together. You can gift anything from a small basket of jellies to a reunion photo frame.

There is already enough to think and plan about for a family reunion so we have done the work for you. In this article, you will find family reunion gift ideas so that you can easily decide the best gifts that you want to give in your family reunion.

family reunion gift ideas

Gift ideas for family reunions

Books, T-shirts, water bottles, bags all of these are one of the most easily customizable family reunion gift ideas. You can buy them in different styles, colors, kinds, genres and they are budget friendly. And, these are such gifts, which are usually liked and used by everyone.

  • Books

    If you have a family that loves books, gift each member of the family with the kind of books they like to read, it can be a kids book, a romantic novel, a fantasy fiction or a thriller drama.


  • T-shirts 

    There are many things you can do while gifting a family reunion t-shirt. You can get personalized messages, quotes, photos and hashtags, anything that you want. This is one of the most fun family reunion gift ideas. If you want to go for something different from T-shirts you can go for other apparels like personalized hats, jackets, sweaters, hoodies, pillow covers or even pajamas.


  • Koozies

    They are easily customized and quite inexpensive.


  • Water bottles and water bottle tags

    Get water bottles customized according to each family member. Along with that, get personalized bottle tags with some funny messages.


  • Travel and Tote bags

    You can get personalized bags and gift them to your family members. This is one of the most memorable family reunion gift ideas, as every time they will travel the bags will remind them of their family reunion.


  • Wall paintings

    If you have an artistic family this is one of the best family reunion gift ideas, you can gift each family same wall painting with a meaning of togetherness. Every time the family will glance at the painting, they will recall the memories of the family reunion.


  • Family videos

    You can even create family videos and gift them.


Family reunion souvenirs cheap

Family reunion souvenirs cheap

Souvenirs are a way to create a memory. Every time a person sees a souvenir, they get a flashback of all the amazing time they had spent with their family. Down below are a few family reunion gift ideas in case you are planning to gift souvenirs, which are easy on your budget.

  • Flowerpot

    Paint your family members initials on a ceramic flowerpot and fill the pot with herbs, wildflower or a sunflower for the family souvenir.


  • Coffee mugs

    Coffee mugs are one of the best family reunion gift ideas in terms of creating memories. Get a funny picture of your family printed on the mug. Fill the mug with some goodies and gift it to your family.


  • Magnets

    Gift personally customized fridge magnets or mirrors to the family members.


  • Sunglasses

    Gift customized sunglasses with little messages on the inner side of the glasses.


  • Keychains

    Gift family reunion key chains with family photos or messages and gift them to your family members.


  • Picture Frames

    Make family picture collage or individual frames and gift them to your family members.


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Family reunion gift basket ideas

Family reunion gift basket ideas

Gift baskets are a unique mix of edibles or goodies that you can gift to your family. A beautiful basket with personalized messages and edibles or goodies inside create distinctive family reunion gift ideas.

  • Jar of colorful brownies

    Fill a mason jar with brownies and colored sprinkles. Fill each jar with different colors and put all of them together in a basket.


  • Basket of jams

    Fill a basket with different flavored jams and gift to your loved ones.


  • Salt basket

    Use hand infused spiced salts and herbs. Fill them in small jars with personalized messages. And fill the basket with these jars.


  • Sweet basket

    This is one of the sweetest family reunion gift ideas. You can fill the basket with candies, sweets, chocolates, brownies, cookies or some homemade sweet.


  • Basket of your family recipes

    Cook sweet or savory dishes from your family recipe and pack them together in a basket. This is one of the family reunion gift ideas, which has many emotions attached to it.


  • Home brewed beer

    If your family has a tradition of brewing beer at home, you can do that and put all the cans in one basket. You can even get the cans etched personally. Although this is not something that you can gift the kids.


DIY family reunion gift ideas

diy family reunion gift ideas

DIY’s- Do it yourself! Bring out the artist in you and create gifts that are special, irreplaceable and hold sweet meaning to them. Here are some family reunion gift ideas that you can create yourself:

  • Mini canvas prints

    Cut a canvas into small squares, using paints fill the canvas with family members fingerprints, let it dry and each member can have this memory that they created altogether.


  • Mason jar pots

    Add a personalized etching in front of the Mason jar. Fill up mason jars with rocks, soil, and herbs and attach little messages on the neck of the jar.


  • Personalized wine bottles

    Wrap up your wine bottle with decorative material and fresh flowers along with the family name and reunion date on the wrap.


  • Scented Sachets

    Fill a small sachet with scented oil infused rice and gift them to your family members.


  • Soap sticks

    Add different flavors like coffee, lemon, and coconut, orange in a homemade soap, cut them into sticks and put them in a jar.


  • Luggage tags

    Personalize your luggage tags with family photos and messages.


  • Poem scroll

    Create an original poem scroll, write a poem about your family, write it on handmade paper, scroll it up and tie it in ribbons.


  • Sand Art:

    Each family member can create their own sand art and exchange them with other family members as a gift.



Family reunion gift ideas (Homemade)

Gifts are the best way to say thank you to all your family members. And, what is better than creating homemade gifts. Here are some of the family reunion gift ideas that you can easily create at home and gift your family members:

  • Photos on building blocks

    Print photos of family members and stick them onto building blocks, using a utility knife cut little blocks and reassemble them into a fun puzzle.


  • Hand knitted Tea Cozies

    For the people who know how to knit, knit cozy little covers for your tea mugs. To add a personal touch choose the color of the yarn, which the individual likes.


  • Handmade tiny notebooks

    Take a leather cover and colored papers and them together with thick thread and gift these journals to your family members with their initials on them.


  • Confetti candles

    Combine rainbow sprinkles and soy wax into small glass cups.


  • Photo albums

    Create a mini photo album using all the pictures taken during the family reunion. It is one of the most memorable family reunion gift ideas, as you will cherish it forever.


  • Family reunion cookbook

    Write down the family recipes on paper, make copies of them and gift them to your family members.


  • Reusable shopping bags

    Create a paper bag made of handmade charts and stuff them with edibles, goodies, and little souvenirs and gifts. This will be a complete gift in itself.


Family reunion gift ideas 2019

For the little kids of today’s generation, you can gift them a latest comic collection of their favorite Marvel or DC character. You can gift them puzzles of their favorite cartoons or fictional characters. These little things make children happy. You can create small goodie box or mystery boxes and fill them with figurines, stationery or other such items. Gift them stickers they are timeless. Children love playing with stickers. Make small kits of marshmallows, chocolates, snacks, graham crackers. You can even gift them board games like checkers, Ludo, monopoly or chess.

Now a day’s people love watching movies and TV shows on online media platforms like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon. If possible, gift them subscriptions of these platforms. For not only movies or TV, shows gift your loved one a gift card of any shopping store that they love. They will be happily spending all their money in these stores.

All these family reunion gift ideas will surely make your reunion a memorable one and everyone will leave with hands full of joy and happiness. Just make sure to keep everything as personalized as possible. The gifts should be a portrayal of your love and affection towards them. The gifts should have a special meaning to them. Wrap a gift, add a ribbon if love and you are good to go!


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