100+ Best Family Reunion Ideas For The Perfect Family Reunion 2019

It is finally time! Everybody has taken an off from their busy schedules and are ready for a family reunion. Planning a family reunion is not an easy task, there is so much work that needs to be done, so many arrangements that need to be made. From scheduling flight reservations to deciding all the fun activities. So, to take off a little burden from your shoulder we will take you through the best of family reunion ideas to make this reunion a memorable one.

family reunion ideas

Family reunion helps the extended families to gather and reconnect with each other. Taking a little help from us for the best family reunion ideas will help you channelize your thoughts. As a host, it is important to stay organized from the start so that you are able to enjoy all the fun activities later on.

It becomes very hard to organize a reunion that fits the taste of all the individuals. It takes a lot of planning and decision-making. Thankfully, you do not have to decide everything on your own. Our unique family reunion ideas will help you pass through this making everyone equally happy.

The most important part is to decide and confirm who all are attending the family reunion; this will help you in arranging for accommodation, activities, and locations accordingly. Although it does not matter whether you are planning for 10 people or 50 people our family reunion ideas will help you take care of everything including:

  • Invitations
  • Food arrangements
  • Fun activities
  • Travel reservations
  • Accommodations
  • Entertainment

Costs play a very important role in planning, and it should be a foremost priority in the planning stages. These are some cheap family reunion ideas to save your money.

Cheap Family Reunion Ideas

  • Avoid venues, events, food or activities that are very expensive.
  • Make sure that everyone is as comfortable with the budget that you decide
  • It becomes difficult to ask directly if they are okay with the budget or not, conduct a survey to know their opinions. Provide them with various family reunion ideas and ask them to tick the one they are most comfortable.

Once the guest list is prepared, your budget has been set and you are aware of the family reunion ideas everyone is collectively comfortable with it is time to move forward with the planning. To choose a particular venue that will be convenient for all is one of the most challenging parts. There are various factors that you need to look after, they are Travel expenses, lodging, food preparations, accommodations, and activities. If the gathering is small, the family reunion ideas can be decided accordingly, beginning with the venue: it can be held at home. If you have a small budget, you can go for nearby retreat centers or resorts. If your budget is on the higher side, you can decide your family reunion ideas according to a particular travel location or cruises. In case you are planning to go on a cruise or to a vacation spot make sure to inquire about the deals or discounts for large groups. It makes the trip cost efficient.

Another important factor to take care of is the type of food that should be served at the reunion. The focus of any event is food; if the food is good, people enjoy the most. However, it is necessary to know the right kind of appetizers, dishes, desserts, and drinks will go with your reunions theme. For small family reunion ideas, usually, the host prepares the meals.

One of the most famous family reunion ideas is Potlucks dinner. In this, each family can bring the best dishes of their choice for all attendees according to their convenience. You will definitely need help because cooking for even a gathering of 10 people is a huge task. If you take help or suggestions from other family, members regarding food it will provide better family reunion ideas.

On the other hand, if your reunion is on a specific venue or place make sure that you get all the food organized on time. You can also opt for catering services this reduces the stress of food shopping and preparation. Make sure that it is of everybody’s choice.

Best Family Reunion Ideas 2019

Finally, you have to decide where the entire family will stay; these are a few family reunion ideas for accommodations. If the family is traveling to different locations, maybe different countries or overseas. So make reservations beforehand so that everybody can relax and enjoy not worrying about where to stay. If there is a small family, reunion if you are going to resorts book rooms prior to the visit. And, in case the gathering is going to be held at somebody’s home make sure you arrange a room for everyone. If there is a shortage of room in your house, the entire family can book rooms in community halls.


Some tips to plan a family reunion

best family reunion ideas

  • Do not do everything on your own, it is a family reunion, let others also be a part of the planning process. Involve them from the start until the end.
  • Make arrangements in such a way that you are able to give yourself enough time to enjoy, relax and be equally mixed in this family reunion.
  • Set a particular date and location according to everybody and not according to your own convenience.
  • Try to make it as affordable as possible and ask for everybody’s budget limits.
  • Do not over plan or stress over it, relax it is your family reunion too.

All the booking and arrangements have been decided. Now comes the fun part, where you have to decide the best family reunion ideas, activities, games and much more to make it a memorable one.


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Decide game ideas for family reunions

  • One of the craziest family reunion ideas is for the entire family to play Balloon Stomp. Tie balloons on each family member’s ankle and then go around bursting everyone else’s balloon. The person having the balloon on his or her ankle until the end will be the winner.

ideas for family reunion

  • Play ping-pong toss with your family. Set up plastic cups with slightly filled water. Put a value in front of the cup and compete against one another to see who can score the highest points by bouncing the ping-pong balls into the cup. The person with the highest points, in the end, will be the winner.

family reunion ideas 2018

  • If you want something, which is more related to today’s generation, one of the best family reunion ideas 2019 would be the camera game in which members have to circulate the camera in an arm’s length like taking a selfie, put the camera on timer and circulate the camera. The person whose photo will get clicked after the timer goes off will be out of the game.
  • One of the coolest family reunion ideas would be to create your very own lawn checkers.
  • Go for a relay game, form teams and place a bucket at the end. Bring some sponges and start your relay race to fill in the bucket with the sponges. This a competitive family reunion ideas that will create fun memories.
  • An old classic, lemon and spoon race, if you want to make it even harder put obstacles in between.
  • Divide the family into teams and play Frisbee golf. Create your own course and at each point put a trivia question, the person has to answer the question before moving on to the next hole it is a great way to build family friendships.
  • Put your old plastic bottles to use, just grab some fill them with water, take out a ball and create your very own bowling alley.
  • Another classic family reunion idea is Bingo. Play a few games and keep prizes for the winners.
  • A theme based carnival party is one of the memorable family reunion ideas that you can follow. You can go for a harry potter themed party and play games related to harry potter and Hogwarts. There could be puzzles, quizzes, games and if you want to make it even more memorable go for a costume party.
  • Create your lawn into a stadium and play games like bocce ball, Zenga, ladder ball, and twister.
  • If you are, planning to stay up until late put glow stickers on the bottles and play bowling in the dark.
  • Telephone game: In this game, all the relatives get in a line, and then the first person whispers a family secret into the ears of the person sitting next to him or her. The secret is repeated and passed on until the last person speaks aloud the words actually reached them. The messages get mixed up in between and the answers are hilarious. This game makes one of the best family reunion ideas.
  • Divide the family members according to their age groups and let them compete with each other in fun Burlap Sack Races.
  • Memory game can be an interesting game to test each other’s mind power.
  • In addition, you can anytime go for any sports fun games like badminton, cricket, football, flag football, basketball, miniature golf, softball or capture the flag.


Family reunion ideas for games is just not enough you need more activities to make the reunion an enthralling experience:

  • Go have some fun creating a family parade, create reunion banners, decorate the lawn and go all out on party poppers and streamers. This will bring the entire family together.
  • Hang easily eatable food items like donuts and party pizzas, tie the hands of the players and ask them to pop out the food items from the strings.
  • Make paper airplanes, write your name on it, stand in a line and aim for the furthermost point.
  • One of the funniest family reunion ideas is to hold an eating contest, keep any food items like tacos, pies or watermelons and let the family members compete with each other.
  • You can even go for treasure hunts and beauty pageants. It can be theme based or completely random.
  • Some puzzle games, playing cards, and board games are also a few family reunion ideas to create laughter-filled memories. Pick out the activities according to the age group and skill and you will be surprised to know fun these activities are.
  • The kids can go for squirt gun races, it is super easy all you need is a squirt gun and a container attached to the string that you will push with water.
  • Hula-hoop competitions never fail to make everyone laugh. They are the best family reunion ideas in term of getting everyone laughing. It is always fun to watch inexperienced family members compete with each other at a Hula-hoop competition.
  • If it is summer time, you can always go for a little splash time in the pool where you can play games like water volleyball and you can swim and relax as much as you want. In winters, you can go for a warm bonfire, with some lighthearted music, delicious snacks, and endless talks.
  • An outdoor movie night is another great family reunion ideas, it is again an old classic. Grab some popcorn, soft drinks, and blankets, of course, a movie of everyone’s choice, and enjoy it under the stars.
  • Hide and seek, paintball are some of the few family reunion ideas that will give you the amazing memories to talk about in future.
  • You can play minute to win it like face the cookie or junk in the trunk or challengers like snack toss. And we are sure you will end up with some good laughs.
  • Obstacle course is one of the family reunion ideas that will bring out the artist in you. Plan an obstacle course with challenges for your family. You could even all the members come up with their own challenges.
  • If you think, food-eating competitions are not fun with simple food items go for items like chilies and hot wings to spice up the reunion.
  • Not just eating competitions, you can also conduct baking competitions according to various age groups. Kids can get simpler items to bake while the elders get the tough one. The entire family can enjoy these snacks late on.
  • One of the most enjoyable family reunion ideas is to keep a dance party. Groove to your favorite beats together and make that day a memorable one.


Now is the time to reconnect with everyone and know each other these family reunion ideas will help you with that:

  • Family trivia is the best way to connect with your family and to know about each other and obviously, it is always fun to play.
  • If you are bored with the number bingo, play “get to know your bingo”. In this game, everyone will be running around asking different questions from different family members. This way you can get reacquainted with your family.
  • ‘Who is who’ is one of the best family reunion ideas. One by one-display baby pictures of each family member and the entire family will guess who the person in that picture is. This one will surely make everyone go aww.
  • There are times when a few family members have not met the others ever. So for their first family reunion together Icebreaker games will be the idea for the family reunion.
  • You can host your very own talent show. All members – be it kids or elders should participate in this talent show. It will be very entertaining; it will bring the entire family together and will let each other know about their hidden talents.
  • Who Am I? Is one of the most interesting family reunion ideas that will help you connect with the other members. In this, a person will ask indirect questions about a particular member of the family and the family has to guess who that person is in the question. Certain trait or character of the person will be included in the question.
  • Get creative and create a family tree. This fun activity will help families get to know each other.
  • Tug of war is again a very old game played at such occasions.
  • In case you have, old family diaries take turns and read it aloud as they are one of the best family reunion ideas to know about your family secrets.
  • Get to Know You Ball Game is a unique and fun game and everybody can play this together. Write a bunch of random questions on a ball. Then take turns throwing the ball and answering the question.
  • Create family history timelines-mapping out family history can be a fun way of getting to know your ancestors, as well as a great way to make family history more meaningful for everyone and it is a great and an interesting way for the kids to understand about their family history.


Are not family reunions all about creating memories and cherishing them for life? Here are a few family reunion ideas, which will create a lifelong memory:

  • You can host a fun award night and give out the silly awards and titles. Create your own awards with plastic cups and paints. It will be a great laugh for the entire family.
  • Family scrapbook is a great way of showing affection. The entire family can contribute various photos, mementos, documents and other things that can be kept in a family scrapbook. Each family reunion event and other memories can be added to the scrapbook.
  • Spend some time watching family videos of each other, this is one of the best family reunion ideas to bring the whole family together and laugh at silly moments, enjoy the little joyous occasions and get emotional.
  • A family photo shoot is necessary for every such reunion. Such reunions do not happen every day so it is important to capture the moment so that you can look at the pictures in future and cherish them forever.
  • You can design custom family reunion T-shirts for everyone in the family.
  • Talk to you the elders of the family, your grandparents; they will have a lot to tell about the family and its traditions. You can know about heritage, important family milestones, family lineage, and many other things. It is always a delight to know about their life experiences. If you are a kid this is the best way to know how your parents were when they were of your age.
  • One of the best family reunion ideas is to surprise each other with gifts. It is not necessary to spend money on these gifts. They can be handmade as well. Think about what the other person likes the most and pour your heart in arranging surprise gifts for your family.
  • Everybody can simply sit together and share your experiences, embarrassing stories, funny or emotional moments. This will help the family to connect with each other and create a very special bond with each other.
  • Family reunion books are a great way of capturing all the moments of your get together. So that the next time you meet, look at these pictures, smile, laugh and keep the emotional connect intact with each other.

Each family is different and have their own reasons to plan a family reunion. It might be for a short duration or a long affair. It can be due to a reason like your grandparents 50th anniversary or without any reason. How frequently you are having a family reunion depends on your family. In these days, you forget all about what is going on in the outer world; you just enjoy this precious family time.

You reconnect with each other, are acquainted and celebrate togetherness. It gives chance to the younger kids to meet their extended families and cousins. It gives you a chance to know about your family, its heritage, culture, and traditions deeply. You make sure that everybody leaves with smiles on their faces. Planning the entire family reunion can be one difficult task you have to take care of many things but the family reunion ideas mentioned above will help you yo sit back and relax as we have done most of the work for you.

Follow these ideas, play games, activities, dance, and party and enjoy the time to the fullest. Family reunions is one of the few occasions that brings everyone together. So have fun, create memories and cherish them until you decide to plan another family reunion.